Matrix99 is Microsoft partner as Independent Software Provider (ISV). It offers its products through Microsoft’s Azure Market Place and Azure Portal.

Cooperation with Microsoft enables shifting our time-proved smart metering and building automation solutions to the Azure platform and the Azure Market Place, we enable the smooth implementation of our solution “en-mass”. Furthermore, the Azure technologies, especially Big Data tools and hybrid solutions give the quantity and quality to data storage and processing (Machine Learning – ML, Artificial Intelligence – AI), that cannot be achieved with on-site solutions without extreme costs

Implementation Partners

Implementation partners cooperate with Matrix99 a.s. in implementation of the solution, solution that is unique for each customer

  • Installation/support – these partners help installation of computer, communication, metering, renewable resources, home automation etc.. equipment. They also support solution on-site.
  • Energy efficiency consultancy – they consult customers how to optimize their energy and utilities usage, using aiLake.3MDER and/or other solutions and equipment
  • Digitalization/Visualizations – implementation aiLake includes digitalization (transferring resource data in digital form) customers resources (areas, buildings, equipment…). Standards for this digitalization are CIM, BIM and CDM and standard tools that supports that digitalization process are used. If customer does not have any or all digitalized resources, implementation of the aiLake can be first or additional step in full resources digitalization

Technology partners/suppliers

In close co-operation with a growing number of technology partners, Matrix 99 provides a broad and unique solution set to customers around the world.

Matrix 99 is having commercial companies as technology partners staring from sector of Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Home/Building Automation and Renewable Energy Management and in addition worlds standard Associations and educational Institutions.

Highly qualified partners help us to deliver unparalleled value to our customers. We offer a robust set of energy efficiency resources and benefits while delivering and supporting a wide array of integrated end-to-end solutions.

  • Kolektor – Slovenia – water, gas and heath meters
  • AccuEnergy – Canada – multi-branch electrical meters
  • Hexing – China – standard electrical meters
  • …..