Matrix99 aiLake.3MDER.ESCO supports ESCO / Big Consumers in optimizing their consumption and economics of energy generation

•Uses info on energy usage, generation (renewable & classic), and storage and operational capacities

•System manages interactions between production and consumptions on different levels – from alarming human operators to issue command in complex scenarios to intelligent equipment

•The solution also offers consumption* and renewable generation prediction** Operational constraints are calculated based on the predictions, storage, and local rules (i.e., open market etc.)

•Azure Digital Twin technology allows the user to simulate different scenarios based on current or past situations

•With aiLake.3MDER.ESCO ESCO companies can offer different generation types as a single type on the deregulated markets. These can be offered as secondary or tertiary reserves

Notes: *Uses ML on historical data and weather as the inputs; **Uses ML on weather data (solar radiation, wind speed) and historical data as the inputs. Based on the historical data and ML principles, the degradation of the

generation nominal power is calculated and taken into the account