Solution and Project Services

Matrix 99 a.s. provides its customers with a comprehensive service offering to enable and ensure satisfaction from analysis phase through implementation of technologies supported throughout its and partners solutions portfolio (smart metering, home automation and renewable energy management).

Solution and Project Documentation – Matrix 99’s team is created from internal and external professionals with extensive experience in defining, designing, testing, implementing and managing large scale energy efficiency project in different areas. Based on these experiences, this team is capable of quick, high-quality production of the following documents:
– Current situations analyse (energy and utilities audit)
– Feasibility study
– Solution documents (proposal, final documentation)
– Tender documents
– Project documents

Project Management – Matrix 99’s project management team ensures that utilities/DSO’s receive timely implementation, quality assurance and daily management of resources and costs.

Installation – Matrix 99 partners with experienced electrical contracting companies to ensure proper installation of smart metering, home automation and renewable energy management technologies. Additionally, Matrix.NET Platform performs diagnostic tests during installation to ensure technologies are properly installed.

Integration – Matrix 99’s software engineering team has extensive experience integrating multiple third-party systems. Matrix 99’s software engineers ensure that aiLake platform’s software and systems are easily integrated with a utility operation center’s SCADA/EMS, CRM, home automation, distributes energy resources management and Billing systems as well as smart metering management systems in a completely functional, timely and secure manner. Base of integration are standardized models CIM, BIM and CDM.

Customer Support and Maintenance – Matrix 99’s experienced customer service team ensures customer satisfaction through first, second and third-level support. aiLake platform monitors the performance of smart metering, distributed energy resources, industrial areas and public buildings, home automation to preemptively address maintenance needs, ensure performance and increase customer satisfaction.