Smart Metering / Advanced Metering Infrastructure (Matrix.AMI)

An application that is built on the base of the Matrix.NET platform. It extends the classical AMR/AMM functionality with possibilities such as a customer online self-care feature as well an online connection to the meter that allows complex business processes such as simple tariff change requests, interaction of Billing, CRM and Metering.

Different el. meters: Different Manufacturer’s Meters Different Utilities Meters For the list of meter manufactures supported see (LINK). A new type of the meter is added on the fly. The procedure is simple: GUI for the new meter is defined on the User Layer, the format of data describing meter configuration is added to Configuration DB, and metered and other data sent by the meter are defined in Events DB.

Different communications media:radio frequency (RF), power line communications (PLC), broadband over power line (BPL), cellular communications (GSM,GPRS, SMS), WiFi, POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)…

Different protocols: List is constantly extending. Currently supported are DLMS, Euridis and M Bus. The main functions of Matrix.AMI are A transparent usage of different meters enabling the independence from meter manufacturers for the utilities provider Informing a user about energy usage on-line Enabling the demand response (DR) Increasing customer billing options and enabling TOU (time of usage) based billing Detecting and deterring electricity theft effectively and quickly Increasing measurement accuracy so that electricity losses are correctly allocated Providing both outage notification and verification Allowing for remote turn on/off and usage limitation