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Matrix99 is making progress with major projects across several countries

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy management, Matrix99 has emerged as a new player with its original product, aiLake.3MDER. This innovative solution is designed to revolutionize the monitoring and management of electricity, water, gas, and heat consumption, cogeneration, and storage. Moreover, aiLake3.MDER is currently available for purchase on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, facilitating users to access this product with utmost ease and efficiency. Over the past two years, Matrix99 has dedicated its efforts to projects to encompass a wide range of customer environments, ensuring maximum diversity. The three main customer profiles include Companies/Institutions that Produce and Consume energy (PROSUMERS), Energy Service Companies (ESCO), and Distribution Service Operators (DSO).

Successfully implemented in major projects across multiple countries, aiLake.3MDER is making a significant impact, starting with profiles such as a large chemical wholesaler LachNer, or an electronics manufacturer NVision. Further progress has been made at “Opća bolnica Abdulah Nakaš – Sarajevo”, a hospital based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on these, Matrix99 has also implemented this solution for other customers, adding functionalities and extending the system along the way.  An initiative at Summit, a car leasing and servicing company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia is a major step in achieving an implementation in the full-scale PROSUMER environment. A huge step forward was taken by signing a general agreement of cooperation with BH Telecom, a major telecommunications company based in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

LACH:NER: Adaptation

For more than two years, Matrix99 has been consistently advancing, starting with Lach:Ner, a factory with an infrastructure that’s 40-50 years old. The company successfully addressed initial infrastructure-related limitations, installing the necessary smart metering and ICT hardware on-site. Matrix99’s software solution was then deployed, enabling Lach:Ner to monitor its energy usage and attain a deeper understanding of consumption patterns within its facilities. Thanks to this solution, the chemical wholesaler could optimize its consumption, leading to cost reductions. Encouraged by this successful collaboration, Matrix99 anticipates continued cooperation with Lach:Ner in the future.

The Hospital Project: Making Progress

One of the company’s biggest projects at the “Opća bolnica Abdulah Nakaš – Sarajevo” hospital exemplifies Matrix99’s commitment to driving positive change. The primary goal of this venture is to conduct a detailed audit of electric energy usage within the hospital premises. By painting a comprehensive picture of consumption patterns, Matrix99 aims to lay the groundwork for the potential integration of renewable energy sources, specifically PV systems. This project has so far successfully demonstrated that Matrix99’s software and hardware solution is fully functioning and performing well at monitoring and managing energy consumption. This project might be an indicator that the contemporary world is slowly but surely shifting towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient tomorrow.

SUMMIT: A Beacon of Innovation

Recently, Matrix99 initiated a partnership with Summit, a car leasing service company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Summit is currently grappling with a challenge wherein the maximum total consumption peak power reaches 735 kW, while the building connection power is capped at 330 kW. The integration of Matrix99’s AI Energy Management System (EMS) is geared towards optimizing energy consumption, production, and storage. This innovative solution aims to ensure that the maximum load remains under 330 kW. Once the energy consumption level begins reaching maximum capacity, our software solution will be able to make necessary adjustments by automated regulation of power-consuming appliances and devices within Summit’s infrastructure. What is important for this project is the full integration of PROSUMING equipment (huge loads, electric car chargers, HVAC, PV, Batteries) into the intelligent system. 

Partnership with BH Telecom: A step forward

By signing a general agreement of cooperation with BH Telecom, Matrix99 has taken a big step towards launching a campaign to expand its solution to millions of telecom subscribers, both individuals and legal entities. This project has the potential to become a major driving factor for the standardization and expansion of smart energy software solutions within the region. Potentially, BH Telecom would add Matrix99’s solution to its portfolio of products and services. This would allow the telecommunications company to implement a solution that would offer monitoring and management of energy usage to every single customer, all within a single subscription. Matrix99 is looking forward to developing this idea further and possibly implementing it next year. The company has been negotiating with several other Telecoms, offering to include this solution in their offer to the customers.

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